Early History of Vernon, Texas

Coming from the earliest half-timbered dugouts and adobe houses; from the homes of rough-hewn timber and the large stately homes of the early cattle, banking and oil magnates, the people of Vernon have always been its true wealth.

In the Early Vernon History Room, glimpses into the businesses, homes and leisure activities give the visitor a feel for the people who lived here from the mid 1800's. Life in Northwest Texas was a constant battle with the harsh land, inhospitable varmits that inhabited it, Indians who could be less than friendly, and the great extremes in the weather.

Families whose closest neighbor might live a day's ride away and for whom the closest town might be even farther, learned to grow, sew, carve and build almost everything they needed. The same strengths seen in these self-reliant early settlers continue to be seen in the farmers, ranchers, business people and homemakers of Vernon today.


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