Native American
Battle Shield] "A buffalo hide! The Trunk Lady is here!", the less than sotto voce whisper runs through the halls ahead of the approaching wheeled trunk. Sometimes the Trunk Lady brings African masks and blood letting arrows of the Massai. Perhaps she brings hides of the Arctic Fox and a vial of gold dust or a bottle of real glacier water. Sometimes the trunks stay for a week or so while the children study about the History of Cotton or learn how rough life was on a cattle drive on the Great Western Cattle Trail . But whatever she brings, the main ingredient of her trunk or saddlebags is ...MAGIC!

The Educational Outreach Program of the Red River Valley Museum provides hands-on experience to schoolchildren within a 60 mile radius of Vernon free of charge. Trunks filled with replicas and artifacts on the museum's expendable list give the students the opportunity to "touch and feel" a variety of items.

This service provided to grades K-7 is as close to area teachers as a phone call or an e-mail for a brochure detailing the available trunks and to schedule a time for a visit.

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